Date: 10 months ago   Category: Economy

Kuzbassovtsa began to look for work with the help of robots

The conducted survey has shown the attitude of the Kuzbass employers to the automatic systems of staff recruitment. The skeptical relation to boats gradually changes. More than a third of employers in the Kemerovo region assess technology of automatic search of employees positively, 8% treat boats with mistrust. 20% weren't defined yet, and 35% have said that to them all the same if only worthy candidates came. Results of survey conducted by the Зарплата.ру portal among 1 120 representatives of the Kuzbass companies are that. – Boats and robots recruiters are new tools which allow to increase the number of channels for job search and also to interact to employers and applicants quicker. At the same time such technologies give the chance to look for work as fast as possible because messengers and social networks always near at hand, unlike customized applications and the websites. Jobe websites boats bring new audience – those who have got used to use social networks as the main channel for work and communication, – the representative of a resource has told. At the same time 19% of respondents have said that in their companies robots are already used, 31% have reported that they will introduce the systems of automatic selection of employees already in the nearest future. 65% of respondents consider that the "living" HR specialist is more effective than the robot, however already 15% for themselves have decided that boats in a question of staff recruitment more productive. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: boats research Kemerovo region poll work robots