Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Kuzbassovtsa have killed the teenager after hours-long tortures and have thrown a corpse in a toilet

Earlier not offenders 30-year-old and two 19-year-old inhabitants of Berezovsky will appear before the court on a charge of murder with special cruelty, a robbery and threat of murder. 15-year kuzbassovets has died after hours-long tortures. In June of last year young people, being drunk, have met on the street of three teenagers. They knew one of them and had to him negative feelings. Defendants began to beat the victims – heated them in the lake, have selected phones and hours. After that one of 19-year-old defendants has called all to himself on the dacha, having forced the teenager to go with them. In the house mother of the malefactor drank alcohol with the 30-year-old neighbor. The woman has tried to learn what occurs, but after blow of the son has fallen asleep. The man has joined tortures of the victim. – The victim shouted, asked to stop beating, however the company stopped the actions only for a while. Then the 19-year-old owner of the site has taken the lawn-mower trimmer and began to drive it at the teenager's legs, causing physical and moral pain. Moreover, concerning him violent acts of sexual nature have been made, – have reported in the press service of the Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Kemerovo region. Malefactors have brought the 15-year-old victim for a protection of the site and have struck several blows with a shovel then the teenager has died from traumatized. Kuzbassovtsa have tried to drown a body in a street toilet, but couldn't then have gone to sleep. Two friends of the dead managed to run away and tell about the event to parents. Police officers have come out to the scene and have detained suspects on the crime scene. Defendants during preliminary investigation tried to shift responsibility at each other. Now malefactors are taken into custody, criminal case is directed to court. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Beryozovsky has died the teenager a corpse criminal case