Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

Kuzbassovtsa have won gold on a world championship on hand-to-hand fight

Three athletes from Kuzbass have won a victory on a world championship on hand-to-hand fight. From September 20 to September 23 in Tula there took place hand-to-hand fight competitions among athletes at the age of 14-21 years. About 300 athletes from 20 countries fought for superiority. As a part of Russian national team three athletes from Kuzbass have adequately proved to be. Among young men and girls of 16-17 years the superiority was won by Stepkin Anastasius's residents of Prokopyevsk (in weight category of 39 kg), Demskaya Olesya (42 kg) and also the resident of Novokuznetsk Gaforov Ruslan (70 kg). As have explained in department of youth policy and sport of Kuzbass, athletes have executed the standard for hand-to-hand fight corresponding to a rank "Master of Sports of Russia". Photo: AKO to Share: Kuzbass Novokuznetsk Prokopyevsk hand-to-hand fight of a competition of Toole