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Kuzbassovtsam suggest to undergo professional retraining

The Kuzbass regional institute of professional development and retraining of educators offers training in the following additional professional programs of professional retraining on the basis of the higher or secondary professional education: "Management of the educational organization"; "Document science and documentary ensuring management"; Preschool education ";" Pedagogics and technique of primary education ";" Pedagogics, psychology and technique of teaching school disciplines ";" Natural-science education ";" Information technologies in education ";" Social pedagogics ";" Pedagogics and psychology"; "Logopedics"; "Oligophrenopedagogics"; "Special pedagogics and psychology"; "Tyyutorsky escort of students with limited opportunities of health"; "Library and pedagogical activity in education"; "Bases of pedagogical skill of the senior leader"; "Pedagogics of additional education"; "House education (guvernerstvo). You can study from 4 months to one year (254–556 h), to choose convenient form of education – internal, intramural and extramural with use of remote educational technologies, by the individual curriculum. Advantages of training in КРИПКиПРО: practical orientation; use of remote technologies and electronic training; payment posessionno on the basis of the contract on rendering paid educational services; possibility of reoffset of subject matters. Upon termination of training the diploma of the established sample about professional retraining granting the right for maintaining a new type of professional activity is issued. To contact the address: Kemerovo, Zauzelkov St., 3, incorporated bank. 314 (faculty of professional retraining). Ph. 8-384(2) 31-15-95. Photo: КРИПКиПРО to Share: Kuzbass as advertizing