Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Kuzbassovtsev ask to help the seriously ill patient to the 11-year-old boy

Ilya Bezrukov's parents have appealed to kuzbassovets about the help in treatment of the seriously ill patient of the son. Doctors have made to the boy the scary diagnosis – fibrosis of a liver and a gepatopulmonalny syndrome. The boy has got sick at the end of last year. Parents have noticed that Ilya began to be tired quickly, and have arrived from Prokopyevsk to Regional children's clinical hospital in Kemerovo with complaints to a posineniye of lips and skin at the child and change of behavior of the son. Doctors appointed to the boy therapy, however over time it didn't become better for the young resident of Prokopyevsk. Within half a year health workers couldn't make the diagnosis. Now to the boy suggest to conduct examination in the Belgian clinic. To collect independently all necessary sum to family not on forces. If you want to help Ilya, you can learn as to make it according to the reference. Photo: social networks to Share: disease Kuzbass treatment help Prokopyevsk fund raising of a photo