Date: 2 months ago   Category: Society

Kuzbassovtsev warned about the new fraudulent scheme

The female resident of Novokuznetsk on social networks told that she nearly fell the next victim of swindlers in attempt to sell furniture via the popular website. The unknown tried to learn details of the cash card of the woman. The townswoman posted online information on sale of furniture, and later short time it was called by the unknown man and told about the desire to buy goods. The interlocutor reported that so far he is in office, is ready to transfer the necessary sum to the girl to the card as in the nearest future plans to leave the city on affairs. The resident of Novokuznetsk at first believed the stranger and dictated the card number. However, when the malefactor asked to report its validity period and the verification code of the card on the back, the girl thought that speaks from swindlers and finished a conversation. The townswoman appealed to other residents of the Kemerovo region to be careful and not to give in on arrangements of swindlers. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: cash card fraud Novokuznetsk prevention