Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Laptops from Apple will cease to work after informal repair

The Apple company has decided to protect the equipment from the service centers which aren't recognized by representative office. If the user gives MacBook Pro to the informal service center, then after repair the gadget will just cease to join. The company has created MacBook Pro which shortly will appear in the market of the equipment. After repair the gadget will request from the master to start special utilities, confirming certification of the center. – For completion of repair start of the company diagnostic software of Service Toolkit 2 Apple is necessary, – it is said in the statement of the company. The FAN notes that similar utilities will be available only to masters of official services. "Lock" of the laptop is in the T2 Apple chip. Even if the informal expert will manage to solve a problem which to handle the client, then the owner as after inclusion ноуктук will turn into a heap of details won't manage to use MacBook. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Apple MacBook Pro blocking repair service