Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Culture

Lazarev commented on change of results of "Eurovision"

The Russian singer Sergey Lazarev speaking at the past competition "Eurovision-2019" expressed the opinion on an occasion of "manipulations with jury votes". The performer, commenting on a situation with recalculation of voices for Komsomolskaya Pravda, called organizers of a competition by "manipulators" from which operations actors suffer. – All these manipulations with jury votes with all order cloyed and all were tired of them. Actors suffer from them first of all, – Lazarev told. Let's remind that the earlier European broadcasting Union (EBU) revised results of vote at the competition which took place during week-end. As a result of a position of some countries in final rating changed. Besides, it became clear that Sergey Lazarev deserved more voices, than it was sounded initially. Photo: Vse42.Ruvideo: Komsomolskaya Pravda to Share: video vote Eurovision Lazarev manipulation results