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Lennon in the company of friends masturbated on Churchill - McCartney

The British musician, one of founders of The Beatles group Paul McCartney has told intimate details about group entertainments of future participants of the famous quartet. In particular he has said that once musicians I was engaged in onanism of the house at John Lennon. – Instead of strongly getting drunk and organizing a party – I definitely don't remember, we stayed overnight then or not, – we sat on chairs, light has gone out. Someone has begun to masturbate, and all of us have joined, – the actor in an interview to the GQ magazine has told. According to McCartney, being engaged in a masturbation, friends for fun cried out names of sex symbols of that time, for example, someone called Brigitte Bardot. However soon the mood all was spoiled by Lennon, having unexpectedly cried out "Winston Churchill". Photo: Google Images Share: John Lennon masturbation onanism Paul McCartney Winston Churchill