Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

Mamayev was revolted by unwillingness of law enforcement authorities to let out him from the pre-trial detention center

The midfielder of Krasnodar Pavel Mamayev who didn't make any claim to stay in the pre-trial detention center earlier, has told that he is dissatisfied with the conclusion in the insulator. As writes Moskovskij Komsomolets, the football player calls an incident with beatings by a big mistake. He also notes that together with Alexander Kokorin he recognizes it, however doesn't understand why he isn't released to family. – We completely meet consequence. But it, alas, isn't reflected in a measure of restraint, we aren't released. Why to keep in the pre-trial detention center, to tear off from children, from family? And to us let know that society so wants, – Mamayev was indignant. The athlete has noted that the similar conclusion reminds indicative flogging. The man has also asked: "Why we are judged not within the law, and taking into account public opinion? How many to us to sit that it has exchanged?". Mamayev is also interested when people who blame him now face him and will begin to attack the investigation for the fact that football players are so long kept behind bars. Photo: Google.Images to Share: indignation conclusion мамаев pre-trial detention center