Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

Mamayev's protection shifts responsibility for the event to Kokorin

The lawyer of the football player Pavel Mamayev Igor Bushmanov actively insists that his client is not guilty of Pak's beating. He said that an incident occurred because of Alexander Kokorin. Reported Sport-Express about Bushmanov's position. The human rights activist asked to pay attention that the investigation provides two versions of the event on one of which all beating to the victim was put by Kokorin. To confirm the statement, the lawyer asked to look at an attack video repeatedly. – On record it is visible that at the time of commission of actions, the client is in other place and in somnolence. He approached participants of the conflict after striking a blow by a chair, – Bushmanov accented. After the court pronounced a sentence to the football player, the lawyer promised that this decision will be appealed. Photo: Google.Images to Share: кокорин мамаев attack court