Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Mariinsky "Glowworms" will free of charge sew fliker on clothes of school students

Two schools of Mariinsk have opened Svetlyachki mini-studio. In them activists sew retroreflective elements on outerwear of school students. The initiative was taken by the staff of regional traffic police. "During the autumn and winter period in the conditions of insufficient visibility drivers can not notice young participants of traffic. Presence of fliker at pedestrians – an important element of safety of participants of the movement", – traffic police officers claim. They free of charge provide retroreflective elements. With the permission of parents teachers sew fliker on outerwear of children to secure the child on city roads in night-time. Until two schools of Mariinsk were connected to an action, the press service of administration of the Kemerovo region reports. But police officers and teachers plan to extend an innovation in all educational institutions of the area. Photo: AKO to Share: Traffic police of Kuzbass Kemerovo region Mariinsk Glowworm mini-studio retroreflective element fliker of a photo