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Martin called responsible for all death of the main characters of "Game of Thrones"

The writer George Martin has explained why he kills the central characters of the saga "Song of Ice and Flame". The writer has told in an interview to PBS TV channel that John Tolkien has inspired him on destruction of the main characters. The author of "Lord of the Rings" has killed Gandalf that has struck Martin. – It is impossible to kill Gandalf. Conan doesn't die in books about Conan. And Tolkien has just violated this rule, and I will eternally love him for it, – the writer admitted. According to the estimates of media, more than hundred heroes have died for seven seasons of series. Earlier authors of "Game of Thrones" announced terms of an exit of a final season. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Lord of the Rings heroes Gandalf Game of Thrones by Martine series death Tolkien of murder