Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Media: the Kuzbass colonies force, beat and call animals

The spouse of the convict has told about tortures in the Kuzbass colonies of IK-1 and IK-37. In the letter sent to "Jellyfish", Oksana has told that her husband Ruslan serves sentence in IK-1 in Mariinsk for robbery and gangsterism. The spouse tells every time when she came to it on appointments, to a story about cruelty in colony. After the next history Oksana hasn't sustained and has written complaints to FSIN, SK and prosecutor's office, but they didn't find violations. However for "tranquility" the man was transferred to new group. He contained "activists" who daily forced and beat Ruslan. One of them threatened him with a knife, however at some point Ruslan managed to be protected and wound him in reply. After that he was transferred to IK-37 in the settlement of Yaya which is famous for the prisoners abuse. Right after the translation the man was beaten by several employees, have humiliated and have sent to the penal isolation center. Prisoners had no names here – to them issued pictures with animals whom they had to call themselves. – On September 12 on the territory of colony about 150 people, some – in masks have entered. In ShIZO about 30 people in uniform began to beat prisoners in each camera, – one of the former prisoners has told. On Oksana Ruslan's arrival dissuaded to meet her, promising an additional appointment in the future and gratitude in a personal record. However he has managed to transfer her complaints which the employee of IK tried to take away from the woman – "has arranged a search, looked on pockets, undressed". Oksana has reported about it in law enforcement agencies, but they haven't revealed violations. The edition has sent requests in SK, FSIN, prosecutor's office of the Kemerovo region and the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, but hasn't received the answer yet. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: beating of IK colony Kuzbass violence of media