Date: 11 months ago   Category: Politics

Medvedev announced the beginning of trade war with the USA

The prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called further strengthening of the anti-Russian sanctions of the USA the announcement of economic war. Medvedev has said that if the American government directs restrictions for activity of banks or use of currency, it will actually declare trade war of Russia. RIA Novosti reports about it. – It will be necessary to react to this war – economic methods, political methods, and in case of need and other methods, – the prime minister has added. The first package of sanctions against Russia will begin to work on August 22. Earlier the State Department Spokesperson Hikher Nauert I have told about the purposes of new restrictions. Photo: Google.Images to Share: banks currency war Medvedev of restriction countermeasures of the sanction of the USA economy