Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Mezhdurechenets-vor has fallen asleep on a shop in Khakassia and I became the person involved in criminal case

The recidivist from Mezhdurechensk has drawn attention of police officers when spent the night on a shop at the station in Khakassia. As a result the man was suspected of theft. The traveler from Mezhdurechensk, the 35-year-old previously convicted man has fallen asleep on a shop at the station in Abakan and has regretted: transport police officers to whom the drunk inadequate malefactor has refused to tell the name have become interested in kuzbassovets. The drunkard was brought to office and on a phone number in the mobile phone have identified the personality. Also at a search at him have found the cash card issued on the woman. Check has shown that the card was blocked according to the address of the hostess from whom have stolen a ladies' handbag. Police officers have more fixedly got acquainted with a personal record of the detainee and have learned that he is previously convicted for thefts. However he refused flatly to recognize the participation in plunder of the card. Then law enforcement officers have asked the Mezhdurechensk colleagues to find record from the outdoor camera of observation which has photographed kuzbassovets. As a result the man has confessed to everything. In his relation have brought criminal case under the article "Theft". After this resident of Mezhdurechensk have released with that reservation that he will arrive to the hometown and itself will be in police. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Abakan card theft Mezhdurechensk man recidivist