Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

Mikhail Boyarsky's role in the new movie about naval cadets became known

The Russian actor Mikhail Boyarsky has said that he will be shot in the fourth part of the film "Naval cadets". "Not my idea, but I with pleasure have accepted Svetlana Druzhinina's proposal. My friends, including Dmitry Kharatyan will play there", – the 360 TV channel quotes the actor. Shooting of the fourth part of "Naval cadets" has begun on August 25, 2018. Boyarsky will play a role of the "revived" chevalier de Brilia in the movie. We will remind that the movie by Svetlana Druzhinina "Naval cadets, forward!" I have come out in 1988. Then there were pictures "Long Live, Naval Cadets" and "Gardemariny-III". Information on Druzhinina's plans to shoot the fourth part of the film, I have appeared in 2015. However the Ministry of Culture has allocated money for this project only in June, 2018. The basis of a modern history will be formed by one of episodes of the Russian-Turkish war – the Kinburnsky fight of Alexander Suvorov from the date of which in October, 2017 230 years were executed. Photo: Google Images Share: de Brilia's naval cadets Mikhail Boyarsky movie