Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economy

Mortgage loans in 2019 will be to Russians more expensive

The Russian banks in January will begin to raise the stakes on a mortgage. The employee of large credit institution told correspondents of RIA Novosti that on January 14 his employer will increase rates on mortgage loans by 1-1.5%. The Vedomosti newspaper from own source has similar information. According to the edition, the mortgage will become more expensive both to persons interested to get the new house, and for buyers of apartments in the secondary market. At the same time the rate will be more for the citizens bringing less than 20% of housing cost as the first contribution. Experts connect rise in price of mortgages with increase in a key interest rate in Russia to 7.75% in December. Under the end of the year the regulator paid attention to growth of rates on mortgage loans for the first time for several months. Photo: Pixabay to Share: banks mortgage rate