Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Mother has hocused tablets and killed the disabled son in the Ulyanovsk region

Investigators have brought criminal case against the inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region who has killed the mentally retarded son and has tried to commit suicide, reports to SU of SK of Russia on the region. An incident has occurred on September 6 in the village the Tatar Kalmayur. Mother has forced the 18-year-old son to take about 40 medicines. Later she has decided that it isn't enough, and cut to the young man of a vein. The woman has hidden traces of crime, and then has made unsuccessful attempt of a suicide. The ill-minded woman herself has contacted police on September 8. On interrogation she has told that she planned murder several months. The defendant has explained that the mentally handicapped young man became too aggressive. The investigation finds all facts of the case. Photo: The IC RF across the Ulyanovsk region to Share SU: 18th disabled person mother and son suicide murder Ulyanovsk photo