Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

Mother of the lost genital body of British has seized 24 million pounds

The medical error has led to the fact that the baby from the British Riverdeyl has lost a genital. The trial lasting several years has come to the end with a victory of the dissatisfied party. An incident because of which there was a dispute has taken place in October, 2013. The hand of the midwife performing operation on trimming to the child who was born 18 days ago has slid off therefore the scalpel has cut an essential part of a penis of the boy, Mirror Online reports. After the incident the personnel of hospital have sent the shocked parents with the bleeding baby on hands home instead of helping him. To the boy have performed several operations in clinics of the USA in attempt to restore the damaged body, however for last years doctors managed to weaken only a few constant pains and to make so that the child could go without special complications to a toilet. As a result of five-year lawsuits the lawyer could prove that in case injured immediately help, then the most part of negative consequences for the child would manage to be avoided. Now the hospital should pay 24 million pounds sterling in favor of the victims. It is noted that originally mother of the lost genital body of the boy insisted on compensation in 76 million pounds. Photo: google.images to Share: compensation trimming penis court