Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Near Rostov have found the girl who has told about the maniac with a package on the head

Residents of Novocherkassk of the Rostov region have found on August 13 in bushes the seven-year-old girl with a package on the head which was considered the victim of the pedophile, transfers At the child found on Zheleznodorozhnaya Street shorts have been lowered a little. From what conclusions have been drawn that she was attacked by the maniac. The girl, having recovered consciousness, I have told that in bushes she was dragged by certain "uncle" after he has put on a package the head, she remembers nothing. Rumors about the maniac pedophile were quickly spread on the city. Locals even have begun to gather in teams for search of the criminal. Meanwhile, experts haven't confirmed the word of the girl. They haven't found traces of sexual violence and asphyxia from a package, all bruises and grazes on a body of the child were old. Psychologists believe that the girl has thought up the maniac, or hasn't told something. Now blood of the child is investigated regarding the content of alcohol and narcotic substances. Also have sent the package which was at it on the head for examination. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: girl maniac Rostov-on-Don