Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Nearly 400 people were detained by the London police on a carnival in Notting Hill

About 373 people have been detained by law enforcement authorities during a carnival in the London district of Notting Hill. The asocial behavior of participants at the event became the reason for that. – Late evening on Monday one person has got not life-endangering knife wound. Fortunately, it was the only serious incident for all the time of holding a festival. However in 36 cases (from visitors of a carnival) weapon was withdrawn, for days off 373 persons have been detained, 30 police officers have been wounded, – it is said in the message of Scotland Yard. As reports to RIA Novosti, this year at a festival thousand law enforcement authorities were on duty seven. This record number of police officers who left to patrol streets on a holiday. The kingdom has taken such measures to ensure safety of the population because of the become frequent cases of violence and vandalism. The carnival in Notting Hill is carried out annually since 1966. Its main participants are natives of the Caribbean region who have begun to lodge in the west of London after the 1950th years. Locals and owners of the real estate are afraid of days of a holiday therefore for a while drive in windows of houses and shops boards from thick plywood. Photo: Google.Images to Share: carnival London Notting Hill photo