Date: 11 months ago   Category: Incidents

Nearly one million cans of the power engineering specialist have stolen in a half a day from a warehouse in Belgium

300 pallets with drink of Red Bull have been stolen from an industrial warehouse in East Flanders. Unknown have robbed a warehouse in the LAR industrial zone of the city of Menen. In 12 hours robbers have taken out about 300 wooden pallets with energy drink of Red Bull. The cost of the kidnapped person is estimated at 950 thousand euros, the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper with reference to prosecutor's office reports, RBC writes. According to the prosecutor, thieves have bypassed the system of video surveillance and, having made several trips, have taken out nearly one million cans of energy drink. Investigation is made, it is possible that criminals had an accomplice working at a warehouse is constant. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Red Bull Robbery one million euros drink stealing Power engineering specialist