Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

Netflix has published the first frames of series "Witcher" in Network

Service of Netflix has published the first frames of the new series. Admirers of "Witcher" will be able to see how the actor Henry Kavill as Geralt will look. Video service has published a video on the page on Twitter. The post was accompanied with an inscription: "Look for the first time at Henry Kavill in "Witcher". Right at the beginning the viewer sees the word "potion" on a numerator. After that comes out of the shadow of Geralt, slowly approaching the camera. Several seconds later he brings a small dark small bottle to lips, drinking her contents. We will note that Netflix was kept by already existing image of the hero which is earlier created by Sapkovsky. We will remind, Henry Kavill acted in movies "The Person from Steel", "The batman against the Superman: at the beginning of justice" and "League of justice". He also took part in series "Tudor dynasty". Get your first look at Henry Cavill in The Witcher! — Netflix US (@netflix) on October 31, 2018. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Netflix witcher of video