Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

New part of the comedy "Police Academy" will come out soon – Guttenberg

Audience will see a new part of the American movie "Police Academy" soon. The actor, the director, the screenwriter and the producer Steve Guttenberg who played Mahouni's role in the comedy has reported about it on Twitter. The actor has published the photo near a red phone booth in London. "Guess where I?", – he has written. One of subscribers in the comment has assumed that Guttenberg removes new "Police academy" in the capital of Britain. "Adam, new "Police academy" on the way. While without details, but we already prepare for you a gift", – the actor has answered it. The first part of the comedy "Police Academy" has come out in 1984. The movie has received such strong success that subsequently six more parts have been removed. Photo: Google Images Share: comedy Mahouni police academy Steve Guttenberg of the USA movie