Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Culture

New shots from shooting of the IX episode of "Star Wars" appeared in Network

In Network new shots "from the scenes" film-making process of a final part of the new trilogy of "Star Wars" were published. The Vanity Fair edition published a short video from the shooting stage in which stars of VII and VIII episodes and also the director Jay Jay Abrams tell how it was interesting to them to take part in creation of continuation of the cult saga. In video some scenes of the future picture were also lit. For example, showed to the audience Fynn (character Jonah Boyegi) with a rifle in hands astride a horse. Judging by trailers and new published photos, the main events of a final part will happen on the desert planet (perhaps, it is Tataouine or Dzhakka). Let's remind that an exit of a picture is planned for the end of 2019. Video: Vanity Fair to Share: The 9th episode the IX episode of video Star Wars shots