Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

Nikolay Baskov has got stuck in Allegrova's refrigerator

The Russian crooner Nikolay Baskov was accidentally locked in the refrigerator at a party at Irina Allegrova. The actor in an interview to the Telenedelya magazine has told that once he has been invited to an action in the house of the singer. There he has noticed the huge refrigerator. – It is the full-fledged room with a tight door and regiments leaving for the horizon, – Baskov has described his sizes. It became interesting to Nikolay to admire the device from within, and he has climbed there. For some reason the refrigerator was closed. The singer shouted and tried to get out independently, but the heavy door didn't give in. There, according to Baskov, to him about half an hour was necessary to stay until other guests have noticed loss of the actor and have found him in the unusual place. Later it has become clear that Allegrova's refrigerator nevertheless has been equipped with the special device allowing to open him from within, however this day the mechanism has glitched. Photo: google.images to Share: Allegrova Baskov party refrigerator