Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

Northern and Southern Koreas plan to create the general economic zone

‍Президент South Korea Mun Zhe Ying has made the statement in which he had noted that, in case of a discharge, two Koreas will be able to create the integrated special economic zone in border areas. – If tension is reduced and the world is established, in border districts of the Provinces of Kengido and Kanvodno the uniform special economic zone will be created, – the president has said. The South Korean leader is sure that the similar measure will help to create a large number of jobs and also will give the chance to the region to promote medium-sized and small enterprises. According to preliminary estimates, in the long term profit on economic cooperation of Koreas in the next 30 years will make at least about 1,5 trillion dollars. As reports to RIA Novosti, work of South Korean science and technology park in Kaesong to DPRK, connection of the railroads and joint mining will enhance this effect and will increase growth of money. Photo: To Share RIA Novosti: North Korea economic zone South Korea