Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Novokuznetsk children have set fire to themselves to legs for the sake of an entertainment

Residents of Novokuznetsk are shocked with games of children on the street: school students set fire to themselves to legs and ran in the face of passersby. Residents of Novokuznetsk became witnesses of dangerous games of children. Eyewitnesses have published in social networks videos on which it is visible how young citizens set fire to themselves to legs just for fun. Commentators have disagreed. The first have noticed that they in the childhood had a good time in the same way and nobody has become a cripple. Others have advised to give record to law enforcement authorities that "pyromaniacs" were put on preventive account. Photo: Novokuznetsk Online to Share: video children of an entertainment Novokuznetsk fire arson