Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

Novokuznetsk "DJ" will be condemned for murder of the hater of music

The resident of Novokuznetsk was put on trial after he was convicted of drawing a mortal wound to the cohabitant. The dispute because of music became the cause of conflict. In Novokuznetsk for the first time there will take place consideration of the case in court by board from six jurors. The defendant – the local who is accused of the causing heavy harm to health which entailed the death of the victim by negligence. According to the investigators, on the night of May 6 the resident of Novokuznetsk whom neighbors named the nickname "DJ" for love to loud music decided to turn on the stereosystem after the next drinking of alcohol. The cohabitant at the same time was indignant and hid the panel from a system to prevent the man to listen to music at night. The owner was enraged and struck to the woman several blows to the head then he left to the neighbor mistress to continue to have fun there. In the morning, having come back home, the citizen saw a breathless corpse and called physicians. The music lover told the arrived law enforcement officers that the victim herself fell, but examination disproved his words. The guilty verdict or innocence of the resident of Novokuznetsk will be taken out by board from six nonprofessional judges – jurors, NK-TV reports. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: DJ mistress music Novokuznetsk jurors death court murder