Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Oleg Sentsov's will is published

The Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov serving sentence in the Russian colony in the will of September 7, 2018 has asked to picturize all the scenarios. – I, Sentsov Oleg Gennadiyevich, being in senses and strong memory, I bequeath the screen version of movies on my scenarios in case of my death, namely: "Rhinoceros", Kai and also written by me in bondage "The brilliant world", "Crow" and Christie to my ally and the second director Evgenia Vrady as the production director. In case of refusal she has the right to choose to whom to entrust these screen versions and also to choose the manufacturing company of these movies. Assignees, successors and recipients of my fees after my death I appoint my children: Sentsova Alina and Sentsov Vladislav, – the Ukrainian TV channel "Gromadske" provides the text of the will. It is noted that the will to TV channel was transferred by the sister Sentsova Natalya Kaplan. Earlier we wrote that Oleg Sentsov has stopped a hunger strike, later the ombudsman of YaNAO has refuted the statement for the termination of a hunger strike. Photo: Google.Images to Share: will Oleg Sentsov Russia Ukraine