Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

One more area of Ukraine has forbidden Russian in the territory

The authorities of the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine have made the decision to impose the moratorium on public use of Russian in the territory of the region. The message about an innovation has appeared on the website of one of the Ukrainian parties which has acted as the initiator of the decision. Now in the territory of the Zhytomyr region it will be impossible to reproduce products of Russian-speaking culture in any her forms. This results from the fact that there was a need to impose the moratorium for the purpose of "protection of the Ukrainian information space" against "influences of the state aggressor" and also "overcoming consequences of long russification", Izvestia reports. – All of us know whose language – that and the power. Therefore all our resources have to be aimed at the development of an Ukranian-speaking product – books, cinema, radio. Our future, the future of Ukraine depends on it, – one of initiators of the law Sidor Kizin has said. In the area plan to create the working group which will monitor respect for new norm and also to lead preventive discussions and to explain value of the law. It is supposed that law enforcement authorities, politicians and representatives of the public will be a part of the commission. We will remind, earlier similar ban was put forward in the Lviv region. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Zhytomyr region culture Russian Ukraine