Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

One of the most famous actors of "Jumble" has died

Nikolay Rumyantsev, one of the most famous actors of the comic show "Jumble", has died on the 55th year of life. As reports to the NSN, the actor has died on November 8 the current year. Rumyantsev's relatives haven't told journalists about the reasons of his death. The place and time of farewell to the actor are also not reported. The role of the school student Petya in the Wonderful moment series whom the grandmother asked to peel potatoes became Rumyantsev's work which is the most remembered to the audience in "Jumble" as notes URA.RU. Rumyantsev for the acting career has also acted in a number of the Soviet movies. So, in 1979 he has played a leading role in the movie "The Martian in Autumn Night Arrived". Shots from: The jumble to Share: the actor jumble of rumyanets has died