Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Only an hour was necessary for the official on viewing of 14 thousand pictures Maria Motuznoy in VKontakte

In case of insult of feelings of believers as pictures on the personal page of the female resident of Barnaul by Motuzna the specialist of the center "E" who could check 14 000 images in one hour has acted. We will remind, in July against the female resident of Barnaul have brought criminal case about insult of feelings of believers and extremism. Pictures which she has kept on the page in VKontakte became an occasion. The industrial court of Barnaul today, on August 28, has continued consideration of the case of the student. After the meeting Maria has told that the official of the center "E" has appeared in court. In the indications he has told, has looked at all 14 thousand pictures in the account of the girl for an hour. But doesn't remember how he could make it. As couldn't remember either month, or year in which I watched pictures, Tjournal writes. Two contemporaries of the student accused of extremism have also appeared in court. Anastasia Bitner and Darya Isayenko have asked to close a meeting because of certain threats. According to Motuzny, they were confused in indications "and as if pronounced the texts learned in advance". Girls have told that humiliation on racial sign causes in them negative attitude to pictures and the person who has placed them, but have right there told that to Motuznoy they have no hatred. Couldn't answer many questions of protection of the witness, a part of questions was removed by court. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Barnaul pictures incitement of hatred witness expert student court extremism