Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

Ornithologists ask Muscovites not to carry home drunk sviristel

The Moscow biologists appealed to citizens not to take away home from streets of the sviristel and bullfinches who lost ability to be guided because of intoxication. As reports to with reference to the Biological museum of Timiryazev, berries of a mountain ash and a guelder-rose because of sharp warming began to ferment, the birds eating them are not capable to split alcohol and fall to the ground in state of intoxication. Ornithologists of the museum claim that people try to save birds and take away them home, however it is categorically not necessary to do it. Several hours later the organism of a bird will return to normal, residues of alcohol will be removed and she will be able to continue to fly, and having appeared in bondage, is far from the habitual habitat, the bird can have a serious stress. Experts recommend to not indifferent Muscovites to remove birds from busy sections of roads and to carry away to quiet places where they will be able to recover in safety. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Moscow sviristel