Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Pagans and Christians have fought at the military funeral in Lviv

Adherents of the Scandinavian paganism and Christian military have put up a fight at a funeral of the killed on Donbass of the companion in Lviv. An incident has occurred on August 26, RIA Novosti reports. Men in black t-shirts with the inscriptions "Odin's Sons" have come to a funeral to the killed security officer and have demanded to put in a coffin the axe on ancient custom of Vikings. The Christian priest has asked not to prevent carrying out a ceremony what pagans have reacted with strong language to. Military have decided to intercede for the priest. The conflict has developed into a mass fight. As a result mother of the dead has agreed to put the axe in the son's coffin. The arrived police didn't begin to detain none of participants of a procession. Photo: Google.Images to Share: military fight Lviv one Ukraine axe Christianity pagans