Date: 2 months ago   Category: Society

Parents complained of the Kemerovo kindergarten forcing the furnace pancakes

Parents of pupils of the Kemerovo kindergarten No. 15 complained of requisitions from the management: parents hand over money for water. In social networks parents also reported that they to them suggested to bake independently 100 pancakes on all groups on the eve of Maslenitsa. – Homemade food is inadmissible in preschool institutions as it can not meet sanitary standards, and respectively, poses a threat for health of children, – one of mothers noted. The head of the department of science and education of the Kemerovo region Artur Chepkasov who arrived to kindergarten confirmed that production of food for children in house conditions it is inadmissible as products have to meet the requirements of SanPiNs. With the teacher who showed this initiative plan to lead a discussion, note media. At the same time the official did not find any tough violations: the kindergarten is clean, meets all requirements. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: pancakes cooking Kuzbass kindergarten of Kemerovo requisitions parents management