Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Parents of the died five-year-old girl have demanded 2 million rubles from the resident of Novokuznetsk

In Novokuznetsk judge the local who in December of last year became responsible for deadly road accident. Parents of the died child demand compensation. The court of the Novokuznetsk area considers case of Dmitry Borodin because of which in December, 2017 on the route Novokuznetsk-Biysk there was a road accident. So, the resident of Novokuznetsk together with friends went to Volkswagen Touareg to Sheregesh to have a rest in ski resort, however hasn't managed to drive, has taken off on an oncoming lane and has met "head-on" Lada Priora. The domestic car has taken off for a ditch, the five-year-old girl who was in a children's chair has died on the spot. The woman who was in a state of shock was pulled out from salon by eyewitnesses. The driver whom has clamped a wheel was got out by rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The driver of the foreign car and his passengers haven't suffered. The man has completely admitted the guilt and repeatedly contacted parents of the died girl, offering the help, but those refused. Now victims have sent to court the claim with the requirement to exact 2 million rubles of compensation of moral harm from responsible. Also mother insists on the most severe sentence for the defendant – five years in colony, NK-TV reports. Photo: NK-TV to Share: girl of road accident compensation Novokuznetsk child death court route Sheregesh