Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Parks and squares of Novokuznetsk will arrange well by the first snow

In Novokuznetsk with approach of winter actively were engaged in improvement of city spaces. In Novokuznetsk with the onset of cold weather have started improvement of parks and squares. As the press service of Novokuznetsk administration reports, by November 25 the square on the avenue Kuznetskstroyevsk will be reconstructed. On the area of 800 meters the pedestrian zone with ballot boxes, benches and new trees will appear. Also actively take out soil on avenues of the square on Vorobyov St. in Kuibyshevsky district. And on the square at recreation center of Dzerzhinsky full-scale earthwork has begun. Inhabitants of neighboring houses are perplexed why works have begun only with approach of rainy and cold weather. Photo: Google.Images to Share: improvement urban environment Novokuznetsk area repair square