Date: 10 months ago   Category: Sport

Patriotic Americans have started an action of burning of the sneakers

The Nike company has made the football player Colin Kapernik-faced the brand. Americans have begun to burn in large quantities production of Nike because the athlete has refused to get up on the anthem of the country in 2016. #Nike burn baby burn #IStandForTheAnthem #maga2020@Nike #AllLivesMatter — Freemen4liberty (@Liberty4Freemen) on September 3, 2018. The producer announced Kapernik-faced new advertizing campaign on September 3, tells In reply residents of the USA have started in social networks a mass flashmob on destruction of "nayk". Patriots burn sneakers, tear clothes or just cut off a logo of the company from products. Colin Kapernik has refused to face during performance of the anthem of the USA a match of 2016. So the athlete has expressed a protest against infringement of the rights of black citizens. Since then the football player hasn't signed any contract. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Nike anthem kapernik protest of the USA of a photo soccer