Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

Pharaoh has complained of sexual harassments of fans

Yury Dud has released the new video in which he interviews the Russian reference point of Pharaoh. The young man has complained to the leader that fans covet to him. Gleb Golubin whom Russians know under the pseudonym Pharaoh during the interview of Dudyu has shared that at the girl's concerts often covet to him. The episode of the broadcast was laid out on October 2 on a video hosting of YouTube. The rapper has explained that during the girl's performances too close approach a scene that, having given hands to touch him for a groin. Some of them, the musician notes, even try to take off from him trousers. Pharaoh has remembered that once during the performance the fan has taken off trousers from the American rapper Danny Brown and has had with him oral sex. Gleb has emphasized that he too appreciates personal space to agree to similar, reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: harassments music of the fan Pharaoh