Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Science

Physicians will begin to appoint to patients of sex dolls against sexual frustration

Doctors plan to treat patients for sexual dysfunctions by means of sex robots with artificial intelligence, the British physicians told. As the clinical psychologist and the sexologist Marianna Brendon said, it is in the near future planned to use realistic XXX robots to treatment of the frustration connected with physiological and psychological sexual problems. It is about silicone products with advanced artificial intelligence. It is supposed that they will be capable not only to meet the sexual needs, but also to support a conversation. – Such treatment promises to be much more productive, than extended now practice, – experts believe. As notes The Sun, similar developments already exist. So, the sex bot of Harmony which can be operated by means of the application on the smartphone is in great demand in Great Britain. At the same time, warned Brendon, introduction of such developments will negatively affect the institution of the family, will reduce the number of marriages and level of birth rate. Photo: to Share: dysfunction doll treatment frustration robot sex