Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Politicians have suggested to move away prostitutes from "red light district" Amsterdam

One of the most popular places in the capital of the Netherlands, "red light district", can be transformed to the residential area. As reports the Dutch edition Parool, such offer was made by a number of members of the "left" political parties. Authors have proved the initiative by the fact that a huge number of tourists is brought to girls of inconvenience. According to them, visitors just go near windows, examine prostitutes and distract them, without being going to use services at the same time. To create comfortable operating conditions of brothels, it is offered to move a zone for occupation prostitution to the suburb of the city. Politicians are sure that because of these changes legal business in Amsterdam on rendering services of an intimate nature won't lose too much, and work of girls will become much simpler and safer: they will cease to put themselves at constant risk, facing crowds of tourists. Photo: google.images to Share: Amsterdam Holland red light district Netherlands of the prostitute