Date: 2 months ago   Category: Science

Pork bones prompted to scientists purpose of Stonehenge

Staff of the Cardiff university studied the bones of pigs found in vicinities of Stonehenge and came to a conclusion that the construction was the main "festival platform" of Britain. The isotope analysis of bones showed that animals were delivered from all corners of Britain. Sometimes they were carried by hundreds and thousands of kilometers. – In principle, nothing prevented them to buy local meat, but not to transport animals. It says about existence of some rules which forced feasting to bring the pigs, – one of authors of work of Science Advances told. He added that scientists still should find out how it was possible to deliver pigs alive of remote regions, for example, from Northern England. Stonehenge – one of the best-known archeological sites in the world located in the County of Wiltshire near Salisbury. Photo: to Share: England archeology Stonehenge