Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

Poroshenko held a debate with himself

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for the second time decided to hold an unplanned debate. The head of state arrived to Olimpiysky stadium and waited for the opponent more than an hour, however Vladimir Zelensky, did not appear. The 360 TV channel reports that last Sunday at 14:15 Poroshenko stepped on the stadium stage where on April 19 there has to take place a debate between it and Zelensky. He demanded that the second candidate for a position of the head of state appeared before it within 40 minutes. This time, according to Poroshenko is, enough, to reach Kiev, "Olympic" from any point. The president waited for Zelensky slightly more than an hour then he left. Later, Izvestia writes, Poroshenko said that on April 15 he will appear on air of ICTV TV channel where Zelensky is also invited. According to the president if his opponent is not on studio, then he will wait for him on April 16. Let's remind that before the party agreed to hold a public debate on April 19 at Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev. Despite it, Poroshenko on April 12 on air of TV channel "1 1" demanded an immediate meeting with Zelensky, he at which that moment was in Paris. When the candidate refused, Poroshenko said that he wants to meet on April 14, however his opponent remained is unshakable. Photo: Pixabay to Share: debate Zelensky Kiev Olympic Poroshenko stadium