Date: 8 months ago   Category: Politics

Poroshenko plans to make the Ukrainian army of the strongest in Europe

Petro Poroshenko has promised that he will make the Ukrainian army of the strongest in Europe. He has read this statement at a forum of veterans in Kiev. Poroshenko is sure that nobody will be able to prevent Ukraine to enter NATO. Then the army will become the strongest because Ukrainians "are at war for the world", Izvestia reports. ― We completely reconstruct all sector of safety, including Armed forces, completely under standards of NATO. And the main message which I have brought from the NATO summit – doors of NATO are open for Ukraine that there was told by Russia. And a key message for Russia: you won't be able to stop Euro-Atlantic integration of our state, – the Ukrainian leader has said. At the same time Poroshenko doesn't deny that Ukraine should apply many forces to reach it. ― Ahead there is a lot more work, it will also not be precisely easy for anybody. It I will promise nothing, but our army will be one of the strongest in Europe because Ukrainians know well today for what they are at war, – he has added. We will remind, earlier Petro Poroshenko called the most important achievements on a post of the president of Ukraine. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Europe army of NATO of Poroshenko Russia of the USA Ukraine