Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Pushkin's descendant has registered the first same-sex marriage in the royal family of Britain

In the British royal family the first same-sex wedding was held. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin's descendant became the happy newlywed. The second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II lord Ivar Mountbatten married James Cole. The official ceremony was held on September 22. About it I have written Daily Mail. Lord Ivar Mauntbatten is a grandson of the countess Nadezhda of Mikhaylovny de Torbi who was a great-granddaughter of the emperor Nicholas I on the father, and on mother – Alexander Pushkin's great-granddaughter. For the lord it is second marriage: he has lived 16 years in the relations with Penny Mauntbatten, they gave birth to three daughters, couple has divorced only in 2011. Penny conducted him to an altar. None of royalties were present at a ceremony, notes the edition. Photo: Daily Mail to Share: Elizabeth Ivar Mountbatten royal family lord Pushkin photo wedding