Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

Putin has expressed the opinion on pension reform

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the air has shared with citizens the position concerning a question of raising the retirement age. After a welcoming speech the head of state has at once started the description of the situation which has developed in the country and discussion of need of reformation of pension system. – Him (the law on raising the retirement age) the main, main objective – to provide stability and financial stability of pension system for many years forward. For achievement of these purposes the bill, along with other measures, provides gradual raising the retirement age, – the president has said during the air on Russia 1 TV channel. Putin has also proved need of acceptance of pension reform by demographic "hole" of the 1990th years. According to him, the situation in the country these years is comparable to times of World War II. – A conclusion is clear: the able-bodied population is reduced – opportunities for payment and pension indexing automatically decrease, so, changes are necessary, – he has explained. The president has noted that at the beginning of the 2000th he was categorically against raising the retirement age. Then he said that he won't allow it until the end of the term of the powers. The head of state has told that with the current level of economy, in case of lack of changes, the state will be able to index pensions at the scheduled time at least 7-10 years, but then it will become impossible. However, as he has noted, this day unemployment rate in the country is the lowest for the last decades, and growth rates of life expectancy have considerably grown. For this reason, according to Putin, now the period, optimum for reformation of pensions. Putin has proposed a number of measures which will help "to soften" transition to a new retirement age. So, the Russian President has suggested to revise nevertheless retirement age to women and to increase it for 5 years, but not on 8 as it was supposed earlier. Besides he has suggested to consider the possibility of retirement to women ahead of schedule having many children. – If the woman has three children, then she will be able to retire for three years before term. If four children – for four years earlier. For women at whom five or more children, everything has to remain as now – they will be able to retire in 50 years, – the head of state has explained the position. Also Putin has suggested to create the special program for professional development of persons of pre-retirement age and also to increase a dole for such citizens to 11 thousand rubles. – Now in the bill is established that the experience granting the right for early retirement makes 40 years for women and 45 years for men. I suggest to reduce the experience granting the right for early retirement for three years. For women – up to 37 years, and for men – to 42, – Putin has told. Preservation of conditions of purpose of pensions for indigenous ethnic groups of the North became one more offer from Putin. Also, according to him, it is necessary to keep all operating regional privileges. Also he has offered 25-p