Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Remains of a prehistoric shark have found on the Australian beach

the n one of the Australian beaches was found by teeth of a huge prehistoric megashark. Experts consider that this predator was twice more than the present fellow – a white shark. Remains of a shark were found by the amateur paleontologist Philip Mallali near Melbourne. ― I went on the beach in search of fossils, have turned and have seen a part of tooth in a boulder. I knew that it is an important find which needs to share with people, ― the man has told. As report Izvestia, the sizes of teeth of a being known as a big uzkozuby shark, more than 7 cm ― These teeth have the international value. Only three times found similar teeth in the world. Australia finds them for the first time, ― the senior curator of paleontology of vertebrata of the museum of Victoria Erich Fitzdzherald has noted. Scientists also assume that it is not the only remains of a predator. Presumably, in the rock where the artifact has been found, also other parts of a skeleton could remain. Photo: to Share: mega-shark paleontology э photo