Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Representatives of LGBT community will try to hold a gay parade in the city Cockerels

In the Vladimir region want to hold a parade of representatives of LGBT community. Organizers of processions have already sent the notice to the city administration. The human rights activist of the GayRussia project Nikolai Alekseev has submitted on September 21 to administration Petushkov the notice according to which in the city the organized actions have to take place. It is planned that all will be spent by one gay parade and two LGBT pickets. TJ notes that actions are planned for October 4 and they will last two hours. About 300 people will take part in them. It is noted that within the all-Russian campaign for freedom of assembly for the LGBT people nearly 300 cities of Russia are captured. Photo: Google.Images to Share: gay parade of LGBT cockerels of a photo